(December 2015) I was faced with a bad case that would be very hurtful to my future. I was facing the possibility of misdemeanor charges brought against me & was in dire need of a criminal defense attorney, I called around different places, I remember speaking with a lawyer from a prestigious law firm who wanted $1500 to be on my corner, and their strategy was to wait around to see if charges were filed against me or not. If charged the new fee was $4000, to go to court. I felt hopeless and terrified, so I agreed for them to email me the retainer. Luckily for me this lawyer never emailed me anything. That’s when I called the Law Office of Garret Weinrieb based on high reviews & was 100% not disappointed! I called Garret on a Saturday night and luckily I was transferred to his direct line. WOW I was quickly impressed. Garret was very honest & informative over the phone. He listened & talked to me about my case. He was a straight to the point guy, no fancy upselling or having some other person handle my case. I hired him that same night. HE GOT MY CASE REJECTED and BOTTOM LINE IS THAT HE TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS & HELPED ME GET ON WITH MY LIFE. My life! Imagine getting your life back. That is something money can’t buy. Completely PRICELESS. Wholeheartedly, thank you my friend for giving me a second chance and my life back. I’m forever thankful & grateful Mr. Weinrieb. People need to know that when you call Garret Weinrieb they have a brilliant lawyer that cares & works harder than any defense out there to win your case. Call Garret he’s AMAZING!

(October 2015) Mr. Weinrieb’s professionalism, tactfulness, and diligence are exemplary, and his demeanor is inspiring within the court room. I could not emplace my confidence to any other. My case was very complicated and carried multiple charges, and I am certain had I any other lawyer the outcome would have been disastrous. However, with Mr. Weinreib, my case concluded favorably. He had gone far beyond his obligation against insurmountable odds to give me my freedom, and throughout the process has been supportive. Mr. Weinrieb owns a plethora of commendable qualities, and he sets the standard that other lawyers should aspire to meet. I and my family would like to convey my deepest gratitudes to him and his colleagues and I wholeheartedly recommend his services. Reiterating, if you are in need of a capable and supportive lawyer do not hesitate to call Garret Weinrieb.


(September 2015) I would like to unconditionally recommend Mr. Weinrieb to anyone who needs legal advice or representation. When unexpected and unfortunate events put me in a situation where I was robbed and framed by the law enforcement, I could think of very few people to whom I could talk. Luckily for me, Garret was one of them and graciously agreed to represent me. He patiently worked with me while I was in legal purgatory for two years. His commitment to his clients and expertise in his field are second to none. Through his hard work and excellent representation, he managed to get my case dismissed the first time, and when it was refiled, he won it again at trial the second time. I cannot thank him enough for clearing my name and bringing justice to my case.


(August 2015) Since the moment I met up with this attorney for a consultation I knew I had made the right choice. Mr. Weinrieb did an amazing job for me. I am truly satisfied and thankful with his work, and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an attorney. He truly cares for justice, and is not like other attorneys who just want your money. I had been charged with a dui, but with the tremendous work of Garrett he managed to have the court drop those charges. Not only is he a good attorney but charges a reasonable amount. Once again I can’t thank enough for the awesome work he did.


(August 2015) Awesome lawyer! When I told him my situation the first day, he gave me a sense of confidence that I had picked a lawyer that was confident and knowledgeable. He was very understanding and was gracious with the fee. I was able to relax and go about my life knowing that Garret had my back and he was taking care of it, plus, he never gave me a reason to worry. He knew the courts, judges, and the district attorneys and has a good reputation with them which made me feel a lot more at ease. I am completely satisfied with the results and I would recommend Garret Weinrieb to anyone that needs legal representation. Thank You!!


(August 2015) I found Garret about a year ago to help my girlfriend’s bother when he was facing 10 years in state prison. Garret worked tirelessly to defend him, kept him out of prison, and got a better result than any of us could have hoped for. He patiently explained complex legal issues to his non-native English speaking family until they understood and was available to answer any questions we had. Garret has years of experience in the area and has cultivated positive relationships with numerous judges and district attorneys which helped him to negotiate a better deal for my girl friend’s brother. While there are cheaper attorneys to be had, in the criminal justice system, you truly get what you pay for and Garret was worth every penny. In the end, what is money really worth when compared to losing your freedom and huge portion of your life? I cannot recommend him highly enough.


(July 2015) I really appreciate the work Garret put into my case. The DA’s office tried to make the process as difficult as possible and it was comforting having a lawyer I trusted. Garret was very thorough and responsive. The settlement he negotiated exceeded my expectations


(July 2015) I just hired Attorney Weinrieb.I couldn’t of asked for a better and kinder Attorney. Very professional, kind, carrying. Speaking to him makes you realize that you made the right choice for your loved one. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a real honest criminal defense lawyer.


(July 2015) Garret is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. He is extremely responsive and always returned my calls promptly. He answered any questions that I had and made sure that I had a firm understanding in every step of the process. Garret was very professional and got along very well with the prosecutors and judge. He quickly took care of (and dismissed) my case. I can’t thank him enough and I would refer him to anyone!


(June 2015 )Honestly I was so nervous about everything that dealt with my court date I thought I was never going to be able to join the army after it or purse my nursing degree but, Garret really helped! He told me not to worry I followed all his instructions and my court date at Burbank went fantastic! I was granted diversion and community service for 10 days no probation or anything else bad! He really does fight for you and what’s in your best interest. I’m so thankful that I did not pick any other attourny and went to him. If I ever had to recommend an attourny my first thought would be Garret. (: thank you so much for letting me get my future back! I’ve learned so much through this whole process.(:


(June 2015) Garret knew from the very beginning the seriousness of my situation. Any convictions would’ve resulted in the loss of my professional license, including any pleas of no contest. I was arrested on a felony DV case, which was filed by the DA as a misdemeanor, and eventually negotiated down to pre-trail diversion. After the completion of my program the case will be dismissed. Great work.


(May 2015) When I was charged with a DUI, I didn’t know where to start to look for a lawyer. Eventually, I received a lot of mails from DUI lawyers advertising they can help me. However, majority of them were expensive and sounded as if they just wanted the business after getting in contact with them. When I was referred by my friend to Garret, he told me everything I needed to know over the phone right away. He explained to me what to expect and my obligations to make this case work in our favor. He educated me on the things he planned to do and always kept me in the loop. He was very easy to talk to which made me very comfortable in addressing any of my concerns and questions. With all of his hard work, Garret was able to help me reduce the charge from DUI to only dry reckless!I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family as I have absolute confidence my loved ones will be in good hands.Thank you so much Garret! (Westminster, Orange County Court)


(April 2015) Through a series of unfortunate incidents with a past employer, I received representation from Mr. Garret Weinrieb at the recommendation of a highly notable civil law firm also in Van Nuys.

For over a year, Garret and his excellent team were not only there for me as a client but also as a friend. He walked me through every step, keeping constant communication and proving why he is the best in the business. His angle and view on the case, along with the fantastic relationships he holds with the District Attorney and array of Judges, was exceptionally warming and a relief each time we were due in court. He has a phenomenal way of making his clients calm and prepared for each event.

Initially thinking this situation would ruin my life, Garret and his team in fact did the complete opposite. They gave me back the life I once had and restored my faith when I believed it was all gone.

Garret has continued to stay in touch not only with myself, but also checking in on my family as well. I recommend Garret with everything I have. He is exceptionally educated, respectful, honest, hard working, passionate about his career, his clients and will fight until the end, always making sure the client is aware of the situation. Even if you find yourself not needing his services, I would also recommend seeking his advice or referral to another firm as he is highly respected and amongst a fantastic group of attorneys.


(March 2015) Hiring Garret as my criminal defense attorney was the best decision I ever made. I was a first time offender and a college student, so having a criminal record really wasn’t an option for me; Garret completely understood and sympathized with that. He immediately got started on my case and after several months of his hard, diligent work, it paid off! Thanks to Garret my record will be clear and most importantly, HE SAVED MY FUTURE!
I cannot stress enough how important it is to invest in a good attorney when dealing with sticky situations. If you’re at all concerned about your future, hire Garret.
I met with several criminal defense attorneys in order to determine who would be best for me, and what stood out about Garret the most was how honest he was. He won’t feed you lies or make empty promises about your case; he’ll always be straight forward with you. Not to mention, he seemed the most knowledgable of them all, extremely sharp, and confident. And clearly, he was able to deliver an amazing outcome even when the odds were completely against me in this case… the outcome he was able to get speaks for itself.

Honestly, this review doesn’t even come close to doing him justice. So to put it simply, he’s an exceptional lawyer and my best advice to anyone is: hire him. (LAX Courthouse)

Alison P.

(December 2015) Hiring Garret to represent me in my felony burglary case was one of the best decisions I had ever made. From the start, he was always available and prompt about returning my calls, emails and text messages. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s in need of a lawyer. He went above and beyond to get the felony burglary charge reduced to a misdemeanor burglary to finally a petty theft. This was no easy task. He went as far up the chain of commands as he could (from DA to head DA) and met with them on multiple occasions and when they still wouldn’t budge, he found another way to get the most favorable outcome. I truly felt taken care of and that I was in great hands. Garret is an honest, sincere lawyer who is a man of his word and truly cares about his clients. Furthermore, his rates are more than reasonable. My felony case was billed at a rate equivalent to a misdemeanor and when the DA was unwilling to reduce the felony, Garret honored his word and made the commitment that even though he’ll have to put in significantly more work, he’ll honor the reduced rate he quoted me without compromising the quality of his work. Wow – extremely honest, generous, genuine and sincere! Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards Garret and his team! Thank you for everything! Simply, the best!


(November 2015) Garret has helped me through two DUI cases, one I deserved and one I didn’t. He is experienced enough to be well acquainted with the nuances and intricacies of the legal and penal systems. With both cases, he treated me with respect and without judgment. He was honest with me about what to expect, followed through with me in a timely manner, answered any and all questions thoroughly and proved himself to be a true advocate for me in the courtroom. It’s a real gift to have someone like Garret fighting for you. I have recommended Garret already and will do so indefinitely.


(October 2014) I’m very glad I chose to work with Garret to help me get through this undesirable situation. He was very available – always returning my calls, texts, or emails. As someone who is afraid to break the law by even jaywalking on an empty street, I assumed my life was over after being arrested for a misdemeanor DUI. He helped put me ease about the situation amidst the stress of a new job and getting ready to start grad school. Thanks to Garret, I am optimistic that the lapse of judgment I had won’t ruin my life or future career.


(October 2015) Garret was Very professional and highly efficient. I got the best result in a short period of time. Overall a great experience and straight to the point. I liked his attitude and way of conducting business. I would highly recommend him and work with him again.

(September 2014) My situation .. I was involved in a bar fight with security from the bar. I was just trying to help out a friend that was being tazed. About 6 months later my friend and I get picked up by police, him for assault and myself for assault with a deadly weapon (apparently a bottle was thrown) and it’s all on video. I cant describe how so many emotions ran through me. I have 3 daughters a wife and I am the primary provider for my family. Luckily a good friend referred me to Garret. I had talked to several lawyers, Garret was the first and I knew right away this was going to be my lawyer. He’s down to earth, professional and knows his stuff. Garret never promised anything he couldn’t deliver. Going through an emotional roller-coaster, Garret was able to drop my charges from assault with a deadly weapon (felony) , jail time with a strike to just assault (misdemeanor) with probation. I can not explain how happy I am with my outcome with Garret. I hope I never have to go through anything like this again but if it happens I am glad Garret is on my side! I have already referred friends to Garret .. I will refer him to anyone. Thanks again Garret.


(September 2014) Garett is straight forward and takes quick action, my family and I are very thankful we got referred to him. He kept me posted on new information as it came and always made sure I understood exactly what to do. Very down to earth person and knows exactly how to handle things. I was wrongfully accused for assault with a deadly weapon with my car by bumping into someone when I was brake checked. The police Put a 30 grand bail on me with a court date and towed my car. while the other person got let go and didn’t press any charges while the police did..Got out with bail bonds and with with Garett’s hard work got the case rejected without a court date to attend and now the other person is at fault. He is even helping me erase my arrest off my record. Thank you Garett for everything. He was extremely helpful and knowledgable, I would definitely recommend Garett without a question. Made me feel comfortable and important. Thanks again Garett! Excellent service and outcome! Very pleased!


(August 2014) Garret was awesome. I had a DUI case and he handled everything with the highest level of professionalism. He made sure to keep me informed, and helped me to keep my stress about this at bay by being readily available to answer all my questions and my families questions. He was always straight with me and walked me through the entire process. The psychological impact of the whole ordeal can be so overwhelming, but Garret always affirmed me as a person and assured me that my future is still just as bright–that meant a lot to me personally. I highly recommend him.


(August 2014) I was arrested for the first time ever, and it was a DUI. I’m a RN so you can imagine the impact and stress this incident had/has on me. I’ve never been in trouble with the law, and always tried to do everything right. After meeting Garret, I immediately felt like somehow it was going to be okay. I was confident with the legal representation I chose. I am so thankful for the numerous efforts he made to help me. I am an expert on my field, but when it came to the law and terminology, I’m very thankful that Garret helped me to make sense of things. He was always quick to respond, and in the many times I wanted to literally just run away from the country, he kept me grounded and even-headed. All his efforts are very much and deeply appreciated. I would highly recommend attorney Garret to everyone!


(August 2014) My husband and I got into some trouble (petty theft) and were arrested and booked for a commercial burglary/felony at San Fernando courthouse. We are both RN’s so our RN licenses were on the line. We were absolutely terrified and had no idea what to do because this was the first time we were in a situation like this. Till now my husband and I had a clean record. At first we ended up going to a different lawyer who we thought is the “Best” BUT we were wrong! After spending THOUSANDS of dollars we came to the conclusion that his resume did not live up to our expectations so we knew we had to find someone else. The previous lawyer was only able to get us a Petty Theft/Misdemeanor but Garret did the impossible and had it lowered to a Petty Theft Infraction which we now do not have to report to the Board of Registered Nursing. He saved our career and our life! I would also like to mention that he is really good at answering emails and phone calls at a timely manner. He also gives you his cell phone number so you can call/text him anytime. The only regret we have is that we did not come to him FIRST! Thank you Garret!


(July 2014) Mr. Naderi and Mr. Weinrieb were hired to represent two nurses charged with theft. The clients fired their prior lawyers because they could not get the cases properly resolved. If the nurses were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor theft they would likely lose their nursing licenses. Mr. Naderi and Mr. Weinrieb worked closely with the prosecutors and got the charges reduced to a mere infraction which allowed the nurses to keep their nursing licenses. San Fernando Court.

(July 2014 ) After being falsely arrested for battery I contacted Garret and he alleviated my distress regarding the situation. Once I retained Garret services he diligently worked toward getting my case dismissed and clearly communicated his progress along the way. Thanks to Garret’s efforts the case was dropped. Airport Courthouse.


(July 2014) I recently used garret on a domestic case. I am a non us citizen and found garret to be easy to talk to, and upfront about what he could do and the likely outcomes for me. He was easy for me to contact and responded very promptly to any questions or concerns I had. He kept me regularly up to date. He was great to deal with and very trust worthy, which was important especially since I live overseas and didn’t really understand the laws in California. Would recommend him for future use to everyone. He got my case dropped and I couldn’t be more grateful. Airport Courthouse.


(June 2014) Since I first met with Garret, I felt a sense of confidence. Being my first time in a situation where I had to defend myself against the court system, I did heavy research on the matter at hand. Garret stood out by a mile with his approach and knowledge of the context subject. My family felt at ease with my decision and I was never disappointed through the process. Communication was excellent and when I had questions he was always willing to go the extra mile to answer my concerns. I was impressed with his ability to deal with a sensitive subject and persuade the best solution for me. I completely recommend Garret, and I would not think twice if I ever need him again.

(June 2014) I was facing a Felony which could have landed me in jail for many years. After the first consultation I felt that Attorney Weinrieb was confident and knowledgeable about the law enough and he would be the best Attorney to handle my case . I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. Attorney Weinrieb clearly informed me on every detail of the case. He never gave me any false promises. He was able to work out a deal with the DA that was the best for my situation. I have no jail time and I will be able to expunge my record that is excellent considering my initial charge. If you want a sincere, well informed, hardworking attorney I highly recommend you retain Attorney Weinrieb.

(May 2014) Garret did a great job defending me on a first time DUI case. I wasn’t sure if I should go with a lawyer as experienced as Garret at first because the evidence against me was considerable and mandatory minimum sentences severely limit the discretion of the judge. I’m very glad that I didn’t make that mistake! Garret worked with me to schedule my hearing so I could continue to drive until I finished my school and volunteer commitments. This really minimized the disruption on my life and I’m extremely grateful for it. I was concerned that due to a high BAC level I might get an enhanced DUI charge. He reviewed all of the evidence against me gave me an honest assessment of its strength, which unfortunately was considerable. Despite this, he managed to get me the minimum sentence for a first time DUI. This was a real accomplishment and again, I’m very happy for it. He was also very patient and accommodating with my concerns that probation would negate my ability to receive state licensing for a professional accreditation. He explained how I can petition to have my probation concluded at the end of 18 months instead of 36. Hopefully, I’ll present a strong case at that time and be approved. What really made me happy was that he took my request for a limited probation seriously and devised a strategy we can use do exactly that. He really worked hard to help minimize the impact of this mistake on every aspect of my personal and professional life and I’m very grateful for it. I would definitely recommend Garret to anyone needing a good defense lawyer.


(May 2014) Of all the places that I expected to be on thanksgiving morning, jail was the last of them, but thats where I was. I got a DUI the night before, had a double shift ahead of me, and all I could think about was how screwed I was. In the next week I talked to a few lawyers to see who would represent me best, a friend recommended Garret Weinrieb, who was the best choice I could have made. He didn’t try to tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I would face flat out. He didn’t tell me to take whatever I was offered or that there wasn’t anything I could do, and his proactive view made a difference in my decision. Throughout the process he has made sure I was informed and well represented. Without going into too much detail, he was able to significantly mitigate the out come of my case. Don’t get me wrong, because of what happened when I was arrested he didn’t have a lot to work with, but he did extremely well with what was there. I feel as though I didn’t waste a penny hiring him as my lawyer, and will hire him in the future if the need arises.


(April 2014) Arvand Nader criminal defender is the best of the best at what he does. His NOT like any typical attorney, this guy is determined , focused and knows what his doing to win the case. This is also the first time that I have an attorney that text me every step by step he was taking to help my friend out of jail. I was really impressed, from the time he walked into the court house he went right to work. This guy walked in and took him less then 30 minutes for the prosecutor to drop all the charges. Will definitely use his services again.. thanks again bro.

(April 2014) Garrett is a pitbull he faught to clear my name and even helped my husband on a case as well I always recommend Garrett got all our legal issues resolved in our favor , he is honest and will tell you straight up what’s going on I never thought I would meet a honest attorney but Garrett is one . My husband and I owe Garrett our peace of mind during our hard times! God forbid I need a attorney again but if I do I’m calling garret again !


(April 2014) Arvand realizes that being accused of a crime can be a difficult and confusing time for clients and their families, and strives to maintain a balance of compassion and understanding with a firm commitment to build a strong case that will have good results in court. He did it for me. He is experienced, aggressive and dedicated.
I want to thank you for all of the help, guidance, and patience you have shown us. You have helped us through what has been not only the most difficult time in our lives, but the lowest point also. Without you we would never have gotten through this. You have helped us stay together and we are even starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. For this we will never be able to thank you enough.

(April 2014) I hired Garret Weinrieb a few months ago to help me with my two pending court cases. From the time I met him I could already tell that he had a big heart for helping out people and he was serious about resolving my cases. I have never had to deal with anything criminal inside of the court before other than the occasional traffic violations, so I was all new to this. Garret made me feel very comfortable about how everything was going to work and what exactly he was going to do for me in order to minimize the damage at hand. When the preliminary hearing came around Garret called me a few days before to go over everything with me and let me know that he was prepared and to not worry that he would have my back. They didnt do much other then schedule me to another date for sentencing, so that was a relief. April 11th came around and it was my time to hear my fate. Prior to that Garret was constantly writing the prosecutor and trying to work out whatever deals he could for me, in order to keep me safe and out of jail. When the day came to face the judge and prosecutor, we met early with Mr. Weinrieb and he explained to me what deal he made and that he fought hard to make it happen. Although my punishment was not totally abolished, Garret made sure that I wouldnt be in too much trouble. He was able to keep me out of jail which was a huge help. I would highly recommend that you contact him if you are in any type of trouble. He is not only professional and good at what he does, but he is down to earth and he makes it a point to get to know you on a personal level. Take my word for it when i say ” You will be in great hands with Garret!”


(April 2014) I highly recommend Arvand as your criminal defense attorney. I was charged with a misdemeanor and Arvand got my case dismissed through civil compromise. He protected me from serious charges. I was blessed to be represented by him. You are in good hands if you hire him as your lawyer.
A Million thanks to Arvand

(April 2014) I cannot say enough great things about Arvand. After I was questioned by detectives regarding a white collar crime, I immediately looked for a lawyer. After speaking to about 10 different lawyer I chose Arvand. During our 15 minute conversation he made me feel at ease and confident that he would work hard for me. I was worried about losing my job if I were randomly picked up on a arrest warrant. He convinced the detective to let me turn myself in at a time that was convenient for me. He told me what to say and what to do when I turned myself in. He gave me the information to a bail bondsmen that gave me a discount and got me out in less than 4 hours. Arvand really does everything he can to make sure you can continue on with your normal life. Between court dates if I had any questions or concerns, I could always reach him on his cell phone. He never made me feel like I was bothering him or being a dramatic girl (I was totally being a dramatic girl). When it came time for sentencing Arvand fought hard with me. He was not going to allow me to lose everything I had worked for. He is extremely connected and beloved by everyone at Van Nuys court. He is highly respected. The DA wanted to give me 2 years state prison because I have a prior felony conviction. She was not budging. Arvand was not taking that. He spoke with the judge and got me county jail time and probation. That was absolutely amazing! It was a miracle! There is no way I would have gotten that offer with a different lawyer. I know I got this because Arvand is so highly respected by this judge. He explained everything to me and even helped me stay calm when I got overwhelmed through the process. He even got the judge to agree to let me surrender myself in 7 weeks, so I could get things in order and prepare. With all Arvand’s help I will be able to get my life back on track. When someone so respected and kind puts their name on the line for you it makes you not want to let them down. If you are looking for an intelligent, hardworking, and honest lawyer please do yourself a favor and hire Arvand. On a side note, he is absolutely hilarious. There wasn’t one time speaking with him that I didn’t laugh. Laughter really makes this process a lot easier.

(March 2014) For my DUI’ case, Garrett Weinrieb had fought hard by providing accurate statements on police officer’s wrongdoings for refusing to provide me an ASL (Deaf) interpreter. Not that I was deaf in which he felt pity, but has pretty a wealth of knowledge with the ADA laws, and other rights for people of all disabilities. He did his homework well. Upon his integrity, he made sure that I understand the court procedures by communicating via-email/SMS and in person to keep me inform of my case. He is a serious contender type in resolving and defending a case that he wants to make sure the person is pleased with his work.


(March 2014) For my DUI’ case, Garrett Weinrieb had fought hard by providing accurate statements on police officer’s wrongdoings for refusing to provide me an ASL (Deaf) interpreter. Not that I was deaf in which he felt pity, but has pretty a wealth of knowledge with the ADA laws, and other rights for people of all disabilities. He did his homework well. Upon his integrity, he made sure that I understand the court procedures by communicating via-email/SMS and in person to keep me inform of my case. He is a serious contender type in resolving and defending a case that he wants to make sure the person is pleased with his work.


(March 2014) Attorney Weinrieb is a man of his word and gave me assurance not only before I hired him but also during and until my case was resolved which was REJECTED by the court. I really admire people like him who does not BS and play with peoples lives like many other money thirsty lawyers out there do. Thank you for your help.


(March 2013) Garret was absolutely the most communicative lawyer I have ever encountered, we were always able to reach him one way or another. His professionalism, humanity and understanding was beyond what I could ever hope for. He was able to see right thru the lying accusser and was able to free me from the false accusation …. Couldn’t ask for a better firm and lawyer, simply the Best !!!!! Impressive skills & wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done. I would recommend Garret to anyone and he will also be the first person I contact for any further needs !!!!!!


(February 2014) Client was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. It was alleged that he was swerving out of his lane, and was braking very hard. The blood alcohol was a .09/.09. The case was reduced to a wet reckless, and the client was granted probation.

(February 2014) I was facing up to 3 years of jail time on drug charges due to a casual night gone horrendously awry. Garret believed that i wasn’t that kind of a person and was empathetic to my circumstances before and during the time of the incident. Despite the allegations, he worked hard to convince the people that I had the character and drive to build a future worth preserving. I was able to avoid jail. I was given the opportunity to even repair my record. I feel a tremendous amount of weight lifted from my shoulders and have Garret and my family to thank. He is a fantastic attorney and very down to earth guy. Would recommend.


(February 2014) My daughter was recently defended by Arvand. She had recently been involved in an accident, was arrested and charged with two serious counts. From our first meeting with Arvand, I knew my daughter had the right defender. His knowledge and experience in dealing with complex cases and the judicial system is overwhelming. His confidence and persistance is very reassuring, there was no doubt that my daughter had the best defense possible. Arvand is a real fighter, his presence in the courtroom is unlike any of the other attorneys we saw; his air of confidence is incredible. Arvand got my daughter’s most serious charge thrown out and was able to get the second charge reduced to a minor charge. It was clearly the best outcome we could have ever hoped for. I highly recommed Arvand to anyone who is in need of a good attorney. You will recognize from your first meeting that you have made the right choice. Arvand is a knowledgeable, confident fighter!

(February 2014) Last year I was pulled over by a police officer, who gave me a misdemeanor for driving with a foreign license. As I am a foreign student I was not perfectly aware of the law and found myself in an ugly situation, as a misdemeanor would have created a criminal record and put my visa on risk. Mr. Weinrieb was recommended to me by a close friend and I couldn’t have been in better hands. He guided me through my case with incredible professionalism, care and knowledge. He successfully got rid of the misdemeanor and provided me from being involved in further trials. I would recommend Mr. Weinrieb to everyone that is not only looking for an extremely talented and professional lawyer, but also for kindness and understanding.


(February 2014)A few months ago I was arrested and charged with two serious felonies. I was so scared but after meeting with Arvand I knew I was in good hands. Arvand was able to get one of the charges completely dropped and the second reduced to a much lesser charge. He was so helpful, no matter what time it was he would answer all of questions and concerns. As a lawyer he wasn’t intimidating at all and was very honest. You can tell that he really cares. In court it’s obvious that Arvand is a very experienced lawyer. I am so greatful for everything he has done for me. I would highly recommend Arvand Naderi to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer.

(February 2014) To put it simply, Arvand Naderi is THE go to criminal defense lawyer in the San Fernando Valley. He will fight for you justly and swiftly and he literally knows every judge and prosecutor in the San Fernando court as he goes there every day. He works hard, listens well, and won’t let you down. If you need to be represented, do not hesitate to call Mr. Naderi! Not only is he an ace laywer, he’s a cheerful, witty person that cares. You’re in good hands with Arvand.

-Mehron Rokhy

(February 2014) On July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into the audience with multiple firearms, killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. The sole suspect, James Eagan Holmes, was arrested outside the cinema minutes later. On the very next night I got arrested on hearsay from 2 bouncers working a North Hollywood, CA nightclub claiming I had said I was going to shoot up the place like the before mentioned person. This happened on my first Friday in California where I celebrated with a friend our first week of training in a 747 manufacturing assignment. I had just relocated for work related reasons and before I could finish my training I got arrested and charged with two criminal charges of threat. I was kicked out of a club and stayed to wait until my friend got out and two bouncers who told me to leave several times just coordinated to call the cops and made up claims. Soon after the cops showed up, my world turned upside down. Luckily I stumbled into Garret and if you are lucky enough, so will you. Bottom line is he made sure everything was viewed in full scope and addressed. Could not ask for more than that but to actually receive that attention was assuring. The outcome, considering all the factors, was excellent.


(February 2014) My family hired Mr. Weinrieb when my older cousin was falsely accused of assault with a deadly weapon. Unlike many other lawyers I spoke with, Mr. Weinrieb was 100% honest and straightforward. Unlike other lawyers, he did not make wild promises or guarantees about the outcome of the case. What he did guarantee is that he would work as hard as humanly possible to help my family. He was a man of his word, and he worked extremely hard on our case to obtain a fantastic result in the case. He kept my cousin out of jail and allowed him to go on and live a productive life. I cannot be happier about his work, and he is definitely the go-to attorney if you want a highly intelligent and hard working lawyer who gets along well with the prosecutors and judges in the court, and gets great results for his clients.


(February 2014) Garret took care of all the hearings and court appearances for my case. I only had to make one appearance. I received the absolute minimum sentence for a case that had complicating circumstances. All this for a very reasonable fee. Definitely recommend.


(January 2014) I cannot find the perfect words to express my gratitude towards the help of Garret Weinrieb in defending myself and a friend in a petty theft case. I was extremely worried that my record was going to be tainted forever but Garret helped us find a peace of mind. Weinrieb will go above and beyond to help his clients; NEVER would I have thought searching online for a lawyer would have been the best choice; and luckily it was Garret who fought & represented us. I can now look for a job and have no worries it appearing on my background. I was blessed and thankful for the help of Garret Weinrieb. I RECOMMEND GARRET IN A HEARTBEAT, HE IS THE MAAAAAN!!! Not only is he a great lawyer but I can now say he is a great friend. Thank you for all you have done for us G, you’re blessing in the skies. 🙂


(January 2014) This was a scary situation, I was involved with a woman I has just met and consensual sex turned into living nightmare. I had no idea the world of sh*t I was in and felt confused… that is, until I met Mr. Weinrieb. He took me in, explained the legal process step by step, and gave me clarity in a circumstance that was embarrassing and disconcerting. Knowledge truly is power – and comforting, because with Garret’s insight I have no idea how I would have gotten out of the worst experience of my life. Thank you Weinrieb Law Firm.


(January 2014) I was charged with a petty theft misdemeanor. I don’t know the first thing about hiring a lawyer, but after meeting with a couple of sleazy ones that made me feel hopeless I found Garret. I feel absolutely blessed to have had him represent me, not only is he a wonderful person, but he is great at his job. He was always very honest with me about my case and also really patient with all my questions and concerns. He did some research for me and found great resources and programs to help me and my case. After many meetings with the prosecutor Garret got me a great deal where my charge got dropped to an infraction trespassing and all I had to do was pay a fine. If you want a great lawyer who will work his butt off to get you the best possible outcome in your case then this is definitely the guy for you.


(January 2014) Today I see a light at the end of the tunnel. After being charged for petty theft because of my friend I was with, former friend now. I was facing immigration consequences and employment consequences. I live in Vegas and The charge was in CA. He never lied to me or made false promises. I never went to court and he was able to reduce my charge to disturbing the peace infraction which I believe has no immigration consequences. I am to do 15 days of community service and my case will be closed. This was the best outcome I could ask for. If you’re looking for a lawyer with a heart garret is your man. He was patient with all my questions and really does all he can for you . I will not hesitate to refer my fam and friends if they ever need a lawyer. Thank you garret for your patience and all you do for your clients. My future is not over because of you 🙂


(January 2014) I came across Garret’s name online while searching for an attorney. I ran into some trouble with the law and had four felony charges, one for burglary and three for possession. Garret gave me exceptional advice and worked diligently on my case. At my hearing, he got all my charges dropped under the condition that I perform community service hours and participate in a DEJ program. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend Garret to anyone!


(December 2013) Upon receiving my first DUI, I was anxious, confused, and embarrassed. Thankfully, I contacted Mr. Weinrieb. He has done a perfect job of “holding my hand” through all of the deliberations both with the DMV and the Court. His fee is reasonable, his expertise is unmatched, and his compassion and responsiveness are superb and highly professional. Moreover, he obtained a quite reasonable settlement given the circumstances of my case. Mr. Weinrieb has my highest recommendation.

(December 2013) Words can not express my gratitude for what Arvand Naderi has done for me. I would highly recommend him to any one who needs a god criminal attorney. His work is magical and he negotiates the best deal for his defendant. He is awesome!!! and easy to work with. Arvand makes you feel like you’re the only client he has. He is very professional and knowledgeable , who has a warm heart and also has an outstanding sense of humor. He provides excellent service and keeps you informed with every detail. Arvand gave me my life back, before I was in a terrible position. I was facing with a second degree felony. Before Arvand i hired another lawyer who didnt touch my case for one solid year!!! set aside like a piece of trash. I was on the border of losing my career. One day i decided to change my lawyer how much longer could my case continue not being resolved? I was on the internet and came across Arvand Naderi, from then i knew he would be the one. The next couple days after i had my first meeting with him. He made me feel so assure of myself. He did not promise me anything , but he did say that he would do anything in his power to get me through this. Within a month my case was resolved HE DID IT!!! Thank you Arvand . A hard lesson learned and forever thankful!

(December 2013) Garrett is an exceptional lawyer that takes strong initiative when working on your case. His methods and practice are superlative and his warm personality and compassion makes you feel comfortable when you are going through a rough time. When arrested for a DUI for the first time, I felt lost in the system and had no idea what to do. I did not understand any of the logistics, terminology or anything that had to do with the law and court system. Not only did Garret help me understand all the consequences of my case and what was to come, he attended all my pre-trial court appointments and DMV hearings. Because of his enthusiasm, confidence and professionalism, he was able to reduce my DUI (BAC of 0.1) to a wet and reckless. I give Garrett my highest recommendation as he has been an invaluable asset to my case and one that will definitely not let you down.


(December 2013) The very first time that we met Arvand Naderi we knew we would be in good hands. Choosing Mr. Naderi as the defense attorney for my brother proved to be the right choice. Confident, knowledgeable, tenacious, honest, and ethical are all accurate characteristics to describe him, but also many of the qualities you want in your attorney.

My brother was facing a lot of years in prison, but Arvand got him the best possible outcome. We owe the success and victory of my brother’s case to his dedication and perseverance, which he showed throughout the length of time he handled the case.

Arvand answered all of our questions which in return provided us peace of mind during a very stressful time. He kept us informed on my brother’s case. He is an astounding attorney!

Thank you so very much Arvand, we are forever appreciative of your remarkable representation and recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in unfortunate situations.

(December 2013) Garret is a true professional. He truly fights for his clients, and provides results. If you are searching for an attorney, I would highly recommend him! He will cater to your needs, and answer questions in a timely fashion.


(December 2013) Arvand represented me on a case that is a no question Jail sentence and usually state prison. I ended up with community service and probation did not lose everything that I had going on in my life that I would have if I went to do any time. I can attest to his reputation as being a highly respected and highly trustworthy Attorney and person in and out of the court room. He did absolutely everything you would expect of a first class lawyer who has his clients back 100% and takes pride in his work. Arvand made me feel very comfortable walking into the courtroom with him the first time as everyone in there from prosecutor to every officer shook his hand and showed a professional respect as well as a appreciated friendship towards him. I will say one last thing and that is I was recommended to him from my Attorney on the East Coast who is very well known and respected. That being said it is common sense to go with an Attorney of such caliper and who holds a name coast to coast if you want the best outcome for your case! Thank you Arvand!
— C.C.

(November 2013) Counselor Naderi is confident in his moves, his mannerism brings comfort to those he encounter. I was blessed to have been represented by him. I was facing a drug case and prison was likely, Counsel advised me of lesser options due to the fact that i was a first time offender. My case was negotiated via a plea and community service and probation was of acceptance. I’m struggling to find fault in Arvand’s representation of me, he truly is knowledgeable and experience in his practice. Thanks again Arvand.
— Dylon

(November 2013) Mr. Weinrieb provided great service and kept me, the defendant, in mind. He was very understanding with my situation. First (and hopefully last) time I needed a criminal lawyer, but for a college student, I can’t imagine it gets much better than Garret. 10/10.

(December 2013) Arvand represented me on a case that is a no question Jail sentence and usually state prison. I ended up with community service and probation did not lose everything that I had going on in my life that I would have if I went to do any time. I can attest to his reputation as being a highly respected and highly trustworthy Attorney and person in and out of the court room. He did absolutely everything you would expect of a first class lawyer who has his clients back 100% and takes pride in his work. Arvand made me feel very comfortable walking into the courtroom with him the first time as everyone in there from prosecutor to every officer shook his hand and showed a professional respect as well as a appreciated friendship towards him. I will say one last thing and that is I was recommended to him from my Attorney on the East Coast who is very well known and respected. That being said it is common sense to go with an Attorney of such caliper and who holds a name coast to coast if you want the best outcome for your case! Thank you Arvand!
— C.C.

(November 2013) Counselor Naderi is confident in his moves, his mannerism brings comfort to those he encounter. I was blessed to have been represented by him. I was facing a drug case and prison was likely, Counsel advised me of lesser options due to the fact that i was a first time offender. My case was negotiated via a plea and community service and probation was of acceptance. I’m struggling to find fault in Arvand’s representation of me, he truly is knowledgeable and experience in his practice. Thanks again Arvand.
— Dylon

(October 2013) Garrett resolved my case quickly and according to the requirements I was looking for. He was always responsive and punctual being by my side the whole time. He definitely made it his point to give his all in my case and have my back. Garrett aside from doing his job really cared about what I wanted and my future!
– J.A.

(October 2013) Garret was amazing! Garret put me at ease when I first met him. From day one he was realistic about setting expectations and delivered on all his promises. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an honest attorney who delivers!
– J.S.

(October 2013) If you’re in need of help, look no further. Garret is such a great lawyer. Handled my case with prestige and was able to get me a lesser charge. Very professional and knowledgeable of his craft. I can’t thank him enough he was heaven sent!
-Stephen N.

(October 2013) When I was visiting L.A. my friend got into an altercation at a bar. He was punched and he punched the other person back. He was arrested for assault and battery and told the police that he acted in self defense. The district attorney filed criminal charges against him for felony assault. My friend was facing substantial jail time and he asked me to help him find a criminal lawyer to defend him. I had consultations with several criminal defense lawyers and ultimately decided to hire Garret Weinrieb.

Garret was very honest and trustworthy, and told my friend exactly how he would defend his case. He did not make any promises like other lawyers, other than he would work as hard as possible to defend him. Garret argued with the prosecutor that my friend was not the aggressor, and that he only hit the other person in self defense. He gathered witnesses from the bar and a video recording of the incident. When the prosecutor refused to drop the charges Garret told the judge he was prepared for trial. When the prosecutor realized that Garret was serious about defending my friend on the basis of self defense, he offered a plea deal to a charge of disturbing the peace. Instead of accepting this “deal” Garret pushed forward for my friend and demanded trial. Ultimately the prosecutor dismissed the case because he knew that Garret was prepared for trial and that he had prepared a solid case of self defense. I would recommend hiring Garret to anyone in need of an amazing criminal lawyer.

G. V.

(October 2013) Mr Weinrieb is the best and only criminal defense attorney I will ever use. Mr. Weinrieb was able to resolve my case, in a very timely matter. Mr. Weinrieb took very good care of me and always made the visit to let me know how things were coming along. Honestly, Mr. Weinrieb really takes pride in his profession and he definitely proved his professionalism with very action in the courtroom. If anybody would ask me to recommend an excellent criminal defense attorney, the only attorney I will ever recommend is Mr Weinrieb !Thank you so much


(October 2013) Arvand Naderi is the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angles. I was recently charged with serious Domestic Violence battery and criminal threats thanks to the LAPD! If a woman calls the cops the guy is going to jail! I had initially hired a lawyer based on the recommendation of my bail bondsmen (a bad idea! it’s a racket of crooks!). My first lawyer did NOTHING for close to 3 months. I thought all was going fine as was constantly assured by my first lawyer. That DA is his friend and he will get a good deal. I decided to go show up to court on one of my dates on a Friday and realized I was in big trouble. LA courts are under strict orders to resolve all criminal cases in 90 days. DA would not budge, my first lawyer is a late and couldn’t do crap.Then my case gets called and I hear 4 of 10 and my date is set for next Friday. I realized I needed to fire my current lawyer and hire NEW lawyer ASAP!

I researched Arvand Naderi online (yes online!) and was very impressed with his credentials. I connected with Arvand over the phone, emailed him my reports and set up an appointment to meet Thursday as was out of town (1 day before my next court date!). Once I met Arvand in his nice office in Encino I was convinced I had the right guy this time and decided am going to trial! Arvand was gracious enough to put it in writing that if he got a deal from DA that I liked, he would refund the balance. How many lawyers will ever offer that, let alone put it writing on the contract! Everything changed from the day Arvand and I showed up in Court on Friday! Of course this time my first lawyer is EARLY and waiting for me and was literarily begging to keep him. We go in front of judge to ask for a sub of my lawyer (only time I felt good replying yes to judge about firing my first lawyer!) .. Then I realized 4 of 10 means 6 more days to start trial!

Arvand realized the seriousness of my charges, refusal of DA to offer me a win-win deal; we decided to go to trial. Next date is set for Monday! I put my life on hold and decide to fight this head on. Arvand gave up his weekend and we began preparing immediately. That Friday I slept good knowing that I finally had someone who will fight for me. Rest as they say is history! We went to trial was found not guilty case dismissed and am a FREE man!!! Arvand was masterful in selecting the jury, opening statements, cross examining witness, including the LAPD cops. He always kept me informed of the case, every day after court he would spend countless hours preparing, including preparing me if needed to testify. He tore the prosecution witness testimony part including the cop who arrested me. In fact Arvand did such a wonderful job that I did not even have to take the stand! The whole process from when I met Arvand to when I was a free man was less than 2 weeks. Thus, I highly recommend Arvand as your criminal defense attorney. Not only he saved my life from ruin, but has made a friend and if ever in trouble (I hope never!) Arvand will be the first person I call! What Arvand achieved in a short time, imagine how he will do when they have the full 90 days to defend you. Good Luck!

Jazz S.

(September 2013) Garret was referred to me by a friend who had used him in the past and recommended him highly to me to help with my case. I was implicated in a fairly serious situation that required attention and dedication and I came to Garret before any charges were filed knowing that I was going to need help. After meeting with Garret and explaining my situation we were both able to get a good read and feel for each other’s character and intentions. He kept me informed all the way and never shied from letting me know what was best for me and my future, despite my wishful thinking in ‘hoping for too much.’ In short. He kept it real. He recommended taking fast and immediate action as opposed to the wait and see approach since I was involved with drugs and stolen weapons. The most pressing issue were the 2 firearms that were found stolen from a home invasion robbery. This was the silver bullet which required some finesse in order to approach. Before officially taking my case he had contacted the detective working it to gather more intel to help him strategize more efficiently for the case. After learning that the case was going to be submitted to Pomona courthouse Garret acted to contact the D.A. / Prosecutor within that county and let them know that they should be expecting my case. He was building repoire for a case that wasn’t even a case yet. Based off the report I was charged with 3 felony counts for cultivation, possession with intent to sell, and receiving stolen property. He was able to avoid any firearms charges which would have been devastating for a drug case. I was cultivating with no rec, scripts, or paperwork so hiring a pot lawyer would have been of little help considering the weight of the other charges. From the start Garret told me that he was not a pot lawyer and does not claim to be one, but what he did claim is that he is a damn good criminal defense lawyer and if need be he would reference my case and go over it with some of the cities most well known pot lawyers. I really liked his honest approach especially since cases are a very personal thing in a clients life and to have someone thinking of your best interest and not just simply selling dreams for a buck, I knew I had the right attorney fighting for me. After back to back meetings with the D.A. Garret was able to work out two deals: 1. (1) felony count for cultivation and 180 days straight time, and 2. (2) felony counts for cultivation and possession with intent and 180 days with early release. I was really weighing heavily towards taking the 2 felonies for less time but Garret was really thinking about my future and recommended to me that taking 1 felony was going to be better for me since I’m still young and had the time to sacrifice for the greater good. Long story short, I took deal two for (1) felony and 180 days but the court did not address the straight time so basically I got both of the perks from both deals and non of the setbacks. I was only in jail for 2 days. I called Garret the day I got out and he was happy to hear that things went well for us. He had really represented me in the fullest as someone who was going to be there for me and care as a good friend would, putting himself in my shoes. Needless to say Garret is the best and to not have him representing you would be doing yourself a disservice. Thanks Garret


(August 2013) If you are looking for a good and trustworthy person to handle your case Garret is the man. I never had to worry about anything. Garret goes above and beyond to make sure that your case is handled in the best way possible. He is definitely detail oriented and honestly just a good person who cares. He doesn’t treat you like ‘just another case.’ He deals with you on a personal level which makes it easier to bare with whatever case you are dealing with. I high recommend Garret as a lawyer.


(August 2013) Arvand Naderi is the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. I was recently charged with serious Domestic Violence battery and criminal threats thanks to the LAPD! If a woman calls the cops the guy is going to jail! I had initially hired a lawyer based on the recommendation of my bail bondsmen (a bad idea!, it’s a racket of crooks!). My first lawyer did NOTHING for close to 3 months. I thought all was going fine as was constantly assured by my first lawyer.. that DA is his friend and he will get a good deal.. I decided to go show up to court on one of my dates on a Friday and realized I was in big trouble!. LA courts are under strict orders to resolve all criminal cases in 90 days. DA would not budge, my first lawyer is late and couldn’t do crap..then my case gets called and I hear 4 of 10 and my date is set for next Friday. I realized I needed to fire my current lawyer and hire NEW lawyer ASAP!

I researched Arvand Naderi online (yes online!) and was very impressed with his credentials. I connected with Arvand over the phone , emailed him my reports and set up an appointment to meet Thursday as was out of town(1 day before my next court date!). Once I met Arvand in his nice office in Encino I was convinced I had the right guy this time and decided am going to trial ! Arvand was gracious enough to put it in writing that if he got a deal from DA that I liked, he would refund the balance. How many lawyers will ever offer that, let alone put it writing on the contract ! Everything changed from the day Arvand and I showed up in Court on Friday ! Of course this time my first lawyer is EARLY and waiting for me and was literarily begging to keep him.. We go in front of judge to ask for a sub of my lawyer ( only time I felt good replying yes to judge about firing my first lawyer!) .. Then I realized 4 of 10 means 6 more days to start trial!

Arvand realized the seriousness of my charges, refusal of DA to offer me a win-win deal, we decided to go to trial.. Next date is set for Monday! I put my life on hold and decide to fight this head on.. Arvand gave up his weekend and we began preparing immediately. That Friday I slept good knowing that I finally had someone who will fight for me. Rest as they say is history!. We went to trial was found not guilty case dismissed and am a FREE man!!! Arvand was masterful in selecting the jury, opening statements, cross examining witness, including the LAPD cops. He always kept me informed of the case, every day after court he would spend countless hours preparing, including preparing me if needed to testify. He tore the prosecution witness testimony part including the cop who arrested me.. In fact Arvand did such a wonderful job that I did not even have to take the stand ! The whole process from when I met Arvand to when I was a free man was less than 2 weeks. Thus, I highly recommend Arvand as your criminal defense attorney. Not only he saved my life from ruin, but have made a friend and if ever in trouble ( I hope never!) Arvand will be the first person I call! What Arvand achieved in a short time, imagine how he will do when they have the full 90 days to defend you. Good Luck!

(August 2013) I had a petty theft case in which I couldn’t find a job, etc. When I walked in into Garret Weinrieb’s office and disscussed about the case for 10 mins knew he would be able to expunge it. Sure enough called me 20 days later telling me it was done. Thank you and I highly recommend him for any case you may have.


(August 2012) About 2 years ago I found myself in the most difficult, most challenging situation of my life. A time when I definitely needed legal representation.I needed a lawyer to represent me and to help me fight the fight of my life. I had no clue where I would find the right lawyer for this job but to my fortune, I was referred to Robert by a colleague of his that my cousin happened to know. Robert was highly recommended to represent me and that he did! Robert was and is very professional, trustworthy, honest, sincere, understanding, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to criminal defense! With my case in particular he completely invested himself in representing me. He dedicated himself to providing me with the best possible defense for my case. He went above and beyond to prepare for my defense. He took the time to know me not only as his client but as a person which truly helped in his preparation for my defense. His commitment to me as his client was simply amazing! During my case as he was representing me, he was honored with yet another award for “Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year!” Very deserving of that award. I am proud to say that in Robert, I had the best representation that I could have had. Not only because he is great at what he does but because he is simply a great human being. I have to say it again, he went above and beyond and didn’t leave anything to chance in my case and with the charges that were brought against me. I know I had the best lawyer that I could have had. I am sitting here at home because of him. I’ve been exonerated thanks to this great man! We fought the most difficult fight of my life and I am forever thankful for having Robert A. Schwartz on my side!!!

(August 2013) I just wanted to put the horrible ordeal of being falsely accused and charged with felony for assault behind me, and got my life back. Now that several month had passed and I got a new job I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me in and out of the courtroom. I truly believed in the justice system till the I faced this rookie DA who seemed less interested in exonerating the innocent than raising her convection rate count. That’s why I believe that hiring you was the best thing I did to prove my innocence. From the beginning you made me confident in your ability to defend me. I really appreciate the fact that you were always available returning my calls and promptly replied to my text messages.

I highly recommend you to anyone I know facing legal problems. Again, thank you for taking the time to make of the of the court appearances and making all of the legal arguments on my behalf. Now I am free to live my life and be a productive member of society and I owe it all to you my friend.

Best regards,
Mike E.

(August 2013) Arvand, “you are simply amazing.” Quote from a client following Mr. Naderi defending the client in a domestic violence trial at the Van Nuys Courthouse.

(July 2013) Garret, Thank you so much for helping me in this situation. I know you’ve helped my brother in the past and I am glad you are extending out to my little brother and myself. It means more then you know!


(July 2013) Garrett Weinreib handled this domestic violence case with professionalism and effective execution of goal to dismiss. His communication was informative and updates were received regularly.I am gald that I got him as a refferal from a friend.He was always available for questions and discussion. Garrett delivered as promised. I would definitely recommend Garrett to others and would certainly use his services again, if needed, in the future.


(June 2013) Arvand is not your average lawyer. I was involved in a lot of illegal stuff since I was a teenager so I have had a few lawyers in my corner so trust me when I tell you they are legit. When I was referred to Arvand by a mutual close friend I was like ok let me give this guy a try. Never heard anything about him didn’t do any research I went with it because my friend referred me. The first phone call was to a paralegal who i gave my case information to. I was 23 with three felonies, one a violent crime, and i was just pulled over with a handgun loaded with hollow point bullets and a ounce of weed. He quoted me a price and i said ill think about it. I knew my case was not going to be cheap. After about 30 minutes i received a phone call from the paralegal and he told me he spoke to Arvand and he said look were going to work something out can you meet me with x amount of dollars for a down payment. First i was astonished because no lawyer had ever did that and during those thirty minutes prior i did my research and immediately I was like he didn’t have to that. I meet with Arvand and from the beginning it felt like i knew him for years. He was cool, never said your fucked or made me feel like a bad guy even though i knew deep down i was fucked and i was a bad guy. He went over the case and said well take it from here. There first offer was 16 months state pen and that’s not with the gun charge that was just because i was around the weapon. If i would have said it was mine you do the numbers with my record. To cut a long story short after about a year fighting the case, and if you have been in the system that is not long, he walked in and said how does 90 days sound. I was like i could fucking sleep for 90 days hell yeah. But what separates Arvand was his attitude and him really being their as a friend. That was over 4 years ago and me and Arvand are still friends and we still talk. We see each other when we can but were both busy men, The one thing that I was like man this guy is different is after I was released I went to visit him and he told me your a good smart kid and i don’t want you as a client again get your shit together. Now here I am got a good job, drive a nice car, and Im headed to Cal State Northridge as a Computer Science Major. I love Arvand like a brother and would not change anything that happend cuz i lost some money and a few months but i gained a lifetime brother.


(June 2013) Recently an old friend of mine that I’ve known for over 20 years got into some legal trouble, and he called me for help. I heard about Garret Weinrieb being an excellent attorney and decided to refer my friend to him. Threatened with over 20 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Mr. Weinrieb was able to work with the prosecutor to secure a much better deal for my friend: one year in a veterans facility. To this day my friend calls me and thanks me for “saving his life” but in reality it’s Garret Weinrieb that did. If you’re looking for a rock star of an attorney that will get the job done, you’ve met your match.


(June 2013) All the sudden you find yourself with an unexpected criminal charge. A crime that can send you to prison for many years. A crime that you are falsely accused for. Regardless of your innocence, the police will investigate the crime filed against you. By now, you are stressed. You can’t sleep. You know you need a lawyer, but you are clueless about whom to call. You search the yellow pages and the Internet for days. Looking for that person that can give you tranquility. Someone that can guide you during this tough time. STOP your search! Look no more! If you are reading this, then you have found the lawyer you are looking for! Arvand Naderi! Arvand is the best attorney! As soon as you step into his office, you know you have found the lawyer you been searching for. He answered all of my concerns. He gave me all the different scenarios and possibilities of proving my innocence. Once hired, he would call me every night for updates. Then before I knew it, the charges were dismissed! Thank you so much Arvand. I will never forget what you have done for my family and me!

Miguel A

(May 2013) After working with Garret, I carry around his business cards with me because I would not hesitate to refer anyone in need of legal help to him. I was accused by a patient and was facing very serious charges that could have lead to prison time and sex offender registration. He was able to get the DA to not file any charges against me. My previous attorney told me to wait until charges were filed but I felt compelled to do something before charges ever get filed so I found Garret online. His client testimonials coupled with his extensive experience in criminal defense and family background in law that I felt confident he would do his best for me and prevent me from being convicted for a crime I did not commit. He knew right away that waiting was not an option and took action immediately. He compiled a package that he presented to the DA that included a strong background letter and many character letters. He kept in constant contact with the DA as well as with me, giving me daily updates. He was always available by phone or email and that gave me a lot of reassurance and comfort that he was always on top of my case and working hard for me. Garret is very professional but he is also kind and caring.

— A very grateful client

(March 2013) I was falsely accused of domestic violence. As it was a very serious charge, I knew I needed an attorney. A friend recommended I contact Garret. I met with Garret, told him the truth about what happened that evening and he immediately went to work. There were a series of court dates that we went to in an attempt to settle the matter. But, the DA wasn’t willing to deal things down far enough for my liking. So, we took the case to trial. Countless hours were spent in preparation. Once at trial, Garret did an amazing job, not allowing to prosecution to present a viable case. Our side of the case was clear, concise and factual, giving the jury a clear and honest picture of what had happened. And, after only deliberating for 90mins, the jury came back with a non guilty verdict on all charges.

I hope that no one has to go through what I did, but if so, I would highly recommend retaining Garret’s services. He is extremely hard working, attentive to my texts, phone calls and emails and honest about the court system. Despite what I knew to be true about the incident, Garret never told me the matter would go away.. Instead, he said we needed to work hard and make sure everything was ready to go..And, as a result, I was found not guilty. And, as I said, I was completely satisfied with his efforts!!

(February 2013) My 19 year old son was arrested on his way home to Hawaii from Los Angeles. The TSA stopped him for having brass knuckles which he used for a college project and forgot they were there. Being 3,000 miles away, I needed someone I felt was competent to help my son because Mom couldn’t be there and didn’t know anything about this world of law. After having conversations with several attorneys, I selected Garret Weinrieb who was recommended by a classmate of his. Garret worked with me over the phone and by email during the holidays to prepare our case. He was kind, timely, succinct and provided comprehensive explanations to ease a mom’s concerns. With Garret’s representation and guidance, the case went from a felony to an infraction which allowed my son’s record to remain clear of a conviction, and had no repercussions on his scholarships and post-college job opportunities. SAM (mom) & Jeremy

(February 2013) Living in Los Angeles without my family is hard enough, but when I got a DUI I felt more alone than ever! Thankfully a friend recommended that I contact Garret. Upon meeting him, I immediately felt more at ease. He went to all of my court dates and offered consistent advice and support. Garret was like my protective and intelligent big brother; making a difficult situation seem less scary and more manageable. While I never planned to be in this predicament, I’m so happy that I found Garret to help me get through the road ahead!


(February 2013) Everyone makes mistakes in life, when you do, it is essential to have someone in your corner looking out for your interests and ultimately your life and family. That is what Garret Weinrieb has done for me, Since acquiring his services I have had most of my past expunged, and working on the rest. I am now able to go places and do things without fear, and with piece of mind knowing that if anything does go wrong I am not alone. From his prompt returned phone calls, which I will add he returns personally, emails and texts also are returned surprisingly efficient answering any questions that you may have, which is convenient if you are busy and travel a lot like I do. I would highly recommend Garret’s services to anyone, and I already have.

Thank you,

Kevin Khiaban

(February 2013) I am very appreciative of Garret Weinrieb’s services. He handled my battery case professionally and promptly and was always available to answer questions and provide guidance. I highly recommend him as a defense lawyer and am glad he was on my side ring fighting for me.


Best regards,


(February 2013) Arvand is the best best and most confident professional attorney I’ve ever met in my 41years of existence. I was arrested in a domestic violence case and he supported me throughout with confident word to calm my fear and nervousness after my arrest. Living up to his word and my case was finally dismissed in trial. I have recommended him to all my friends and associates that me need a real true lawyer now or in future. Thanks Arvand.


(January 2013) Arvand is a very intelligent and knowledgeable criminal attorney. Arvand has great connections in Van Nuys Court, he knows judges and prosecutors. Arvand is very sincere in helping people with criminal charges and treated me with a lot of respect . Arvand worked hard to reduce my gun charge to PC415(2) disturbance of peace with loud noise with no firearm restrictions and also was able to get my firearms back. In today’s world as you know, its not what you know but who you know. Arvand is very likable attorney by prosecutors and judges. He will be able to advise you and either dismiss your charge or reduce it to a very minimal. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Anonymous.

(January 2013) I hired Garret to defend me against a potential DUI. My BAC was tested to be .10 during my arrest. I wasn’t going to gamble on a public defender nor did I want to pay the $5000 + most DUI attorneys charge. Garret was referred to me by a colleague who had gone to law school with Garret and could vouch for his reputation and work ethic. Garret charged me the lowest rate out there and helped me lower my offense from a DUI to a wet wreckless. Not that I think you should ever be cheap about hiring professionals to help you when you have a lot at stake, but I have to admit that I think I got a good deal. He is a serious attorney who really knows LA courts and did not charge me an arm and a leg for some peace of mind. I’m a satisfied customer despite being a less than enthusiastic Goodwill volunteer.


(December 2012) I currently live in Chicago and needed help expunging a misdemeanor conviction in Los Angeles. Unable to travel in order to handle the matter myself, I contacted Garret Weinrieb. Garret took my case and handled the matter extremely quickly. He was direct, professional, considerate and always responded promptly to my e-mails or phone calls. The rate was competitive, and I got exactly what I needed. I would not hesitate recommending his services to someone in need of an attorney who cares about getting results.

Thanks Garret!
-Mark M.

(December 2012) Recently I contacted Garret Weinrieb after being referred to him by a good friend. My fiancé and I were in need of a criminal law attorney. This was all very new to us and we had no clue what we were dealing with. Upon our first meeting with Garret we immediately felt at ease. We explained our situation and Garret went into great detail regarding different scenarios on how to handle our case. He was very upfront and honest regarding the entire process.

After contracting Garret’s services he immediately went to work for us. All of our emails and telephone calls were answered in a timely manner. He even responded on weekends and while on his family vacation. Our outcome was favorable and we could not be more satisfied with the service he provided.

Thank you,
Annette Bañuelos & David Sanchez

(November 2012) Arvand Naderi became my lawyer when I was caught with 8000 pounds of fireworks. I was facing a three year jail term but with Arvand’s hard work it was reduced to one years probation and a fine. He has personal relationships with Judges and other legal professionals which was beneficial to my case. I valued his hard work and dedication and would recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation. Also his rates are very reasonable. In closing I would just like to say that I appreciated all the hard work and dedication that Arvand Naderi performed while working on my case.


(November 2012) Thanks Garret for helping with my DUI case and turning it into an exhibition of speed. I like how you can keep me updated of how the case is going and that I don’t even have to show up to court. You look like an intimidated guy cuz you’re buff and all, but you’re a pretty cool dude and keep it straightforward and right to the point. All I can say is thanks a whole lot.

Troy A.

(October 2012) A couple months ago I was being charged for vandalism and violating a restraining order. I decided to proceed with the case with the court given public defender. After the 1st pre trial the plea bargain went from two months in jail to 1 year in jail. I decided that I needed an actual lawyer and went out and search and found Garret Weinrieb.

Garret Weinrieb was great and responsible when it came to keeping his word. We worked great as a team due to the fact that that I could speak to him like a friend. Garret is also honest and not a fraud. He does not like taking cases to trial that he knows should not go to trial due to being a waste of money and time which I appreciated.

The result of the case went from 1 year in jail to 30 days in jail which I only served 7 of those 30 days.

I am happy with the result and thankful to Garret for all his help.


(October 2012) Dear Garret,
Words cannot fully express my gratitude for what you have done for my son and our family. I understood my son was in a dire situation when denied bail due to the seriousness of the assault charges he was facing, and because he had a prior strike. So we hired a local attorney who promised that his extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney would provide the best representation for my son. However, my son and I grew unsure of this attorney’s ability and motivation as the case progressed.

I was in a state of despair as the trial date drew closer, but I knew that my son needed a different attorney. After having been introduced to you through a family friend, I immediately sensed a difference in your demeanor and professionalism that made me feel we made the right choice. I only wish we could have met you sooner.

Your tireless work ethic and meticulous attention to detail gave me the confidence that my son would receive the best criminal defense possible. Although I am no legal expert, it was clear to me that you accomplished much more in a shorter time than did my son’s previous attorney. In addition, you were easily accessible at a moment’s notice and more than willing to travel to visit my son in jail despite the distance and your busy schedule. You have treated my son and our family with such genuine care only seen among family members. Not only did you provide excellent legal counsel, you provided great emotional support for us to get through this tough period. For this, I am greatly appreciative.

Now you have given my son a second chance, and my restless nights are finally over. I truly appreciate your candor, integrity, and work ethic. More attorneys should be like you in an ideal world, but sadly, too many attorneys view their clients as just that and forget that they are human beings. Although our circumstances were unfortunate, I am very glad to have met you and will recommend your services with the utmost regard.

Thank you for everything, Garret.


Connie Ann

(October 2012) Garret Weinrieb was truly professional in helping me get my criminal record expunged. Not only was the initial consult done the same day, and in the first phone call, but I also never had to wait long for him to respond to any of my inquiries regarding my case. He was honest and forthright from the get go, and made me aware of all my options regarding the expungment process before deciding to proceed with his services. He took care of the whole case, and kept me updated throughout, which was really great for me because I didn’t have to do anything but wait for the outcome. I didn’t even have to attend the hearing, as he did all that for me too. I would highly recommend using Mr. Weinrieb as your attorney when considering any legal counsel. You won’t be disappointed.

Luis Cuevas
Encino, CA

(September 2012) Garret, Hi. Greetings to you! Finally, i can now sleep well and get rid of any worries and fears. It was such a learning experience. And of course I owe this most specially to you who never left me whenever fear conquer me. In spite of my misdemeanor, you were there to defend and protect me. I couldn’t thank you enough. Whenever i was afraid, you were there to assure me that everything will be alright. I am only rest assured whenever you update me. So many things had happened that i didn’t expect, because you never neglected my case. The fears of being sent to jail, community service and my status as an immigrant which might be jeopardized were all abated.

I want to especially thank you for spending time in taking care of my case. i thank God that He has given me a lawyer who would defend me to the end. You did not allow me to go through all the humiliation that i deserved. I assure you I really learned my lesson. Looking back at those trying moments, i think about the shame i would have caused my family, and you were there to keep this known from them. You have been sincerely my shield. What more can I say.

May you continue to be a blessing to those who need your help. And as you safeguard your clients, may you implant in them just as you did to me, the moral lesson they have to learn. I am sorry for giving in to temptation but i am so thankful that i have undergone this process because I was really pruned. And most of all, i have known a person who’s desire to defend clients is so fervent that you would burn in shame and guilt for committing the act

Your client,

(August 2012) Garret, I would like to write a letter to show my as well as my family’s deepest appreciation, for a great job done. As i shared with you in our pre trial meeting, i was fearing the worse, had the case continued. But you assured me that you would find the answers to all my questions, and worked diligently to prepare a defense that met and exceeded my expectations.

From the entire Ayala family i would like to thank you again for a incomparable job.

Javier Ayala

(August 2012) Garret, I hope all is well with urself and ur family..i just wanna thank u once again for all ur help regarding my bro fernando rios and to tell u that when we first met up..i knew that u were a great lawyer that we can count on..u knew what u were talking about and u alwayz tried to help us not like those others lawyers that just took our money. I would like to ask u if for future wise we need ur services can we contact u for help..ur the best candidate. Were gonna do exactly what u said. Live it along for now…And then do what we gotta do. Thank u so much.


(August 2012) Garret Weinrieb is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer. I was charged with felony possession for sale of cocaine and methamphetamine. When the prosecutor refused to settle the case for a fair deal, Garret did not cave in and he advised me to take the case to trial because he thought we could win. He was right!. After a jury trial I was found NOT GUILTY of both charges. Garret took a great deal of time preparing me for trial – we met at his office on several occasions and emailed regularly — and did an outstanding job cross-examining the police officers that arrested me who made untrue statement during the trial to try to convict me of something I did not do. Garret caught them in all of their misrepresentations and inconsistent statements. I would highly recommend Garret to anyone charged with any criminal offense. Garret literally saved my job and career and I cannot thank him enough.


(August 2012) Client represented by Attorney Garret Weinrieb charged with being Under the Influence of Methamphetamine. Prosecutor offered 90 days in county jail. Attorney Garret Weinrieb rejected the prosecutor’s plea offer and announced “ready” for trial. The prosecutor was forced to dismiss the case when she realized she did not have sufficient evidence to get a guilty conviction at trial. Client is in the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen and a conviction could have resulted in denial of his citizenship.

(June 2012) Garret Weinrieb is an outstanding attorney who will do above and beyond for his clients. After being arrested for driving under the influence, I was overwhelmed and anxious about the forthcoming events I would have to face for this incident. Referred by a friend, Garret quickly responded with a supporting hand and offered to walk me through the progression of a typical DUI case and answer any questions I had. Once hired, he outlined what he, as my attorney, will do for me and what to expect in the coming months. During my case, Garret exercised superior knowledge of his area in law and was able to effectively break down codes and regulations to me, the typical layperson. Garret was accessible around the clock and acted with earnest to any requests or inquiries I had. In the end, Garret was able to persuade the prosecutor to strike all of the enhancements to my DUI case. Garret Weinrieb’s style of execution is impeccable and I would definitely recommend him to prospective clients.


(May 2, 2012) I highly recommend Garret Weinrieb, Criminal Defense Attorney. He is absolutely wonderful! He is reliable, confident, pleasant, knowledgeable, and very understanding. He was able to guide me through this difficult time by constantly keeping me well informed about everything going on in my case. My case has been prolonged for 18 months. Some may think that with such a long case his dedication would decrease but that did not happen. In fact throughout all these months Garret continued to effectively represent me with the same intensity as the 1st day. With his expertise & knowledge about criminal law, he was able to: get two charges dismissed, got me release on O.R., and guaranteed that I did not get sent to prison. I am soooooo thankful and grateful that I had Garret’s representation. I know first hand how difficult, confusing, frustrating, and nerve racking it is dealing with a criminal case. During this intense time Garret’s consistency helped me tremendously. I was able to be at ease and that is a credit to what a great attorney he is. I strongly & earnestly recommend Garret Weinrieb.


(April 2012) Arvand Naderi was actually hired as legal representation for our son who resides in a different state. We were extremely pleased with his services and highly recommend him. He knows the legal system well and possibly even more importantly, is well connected within the court system. This affords him the advantage of “knowing his opponents” and planning his strategy accordingly. Mr. Naderi presented us with a clear plan of action, outlined possible outcomes, and kept us informed throughout the process while at the same time maintaining our son’s confidentiality. He welcomed our questions and provided us with clear, concise answers. Although we were many miles away, we felt confident that Mr. Naderi was doing all that was necessary to see that our son was getting a fair deal within the system. He assured us that he would handle the situation aggressively and fight for the best possible outcome. He delivered on his promise. We feel our son could not have been better represented. In summary, we consider ourselves fortunate to have had Mr. Naderi as our son’s lawyer and although we hope to not have need for a lawyer again, we would not hesitate to retain his services in the future.


(5/14/12) The easiest and smoothest problem I ever had got fixed by Garrett. Garrett is amazing and a pleasure to work with, he works in a calm and steady pace. Not to mention we won our case!

Laruen B.

(April 2012) Garret worked extremely hard for me in trial. He explained everything to me and reviewed every detail with me after our day in court. I have never met a more hard working attorney. Thank you for believing on me and getting me a not guilty verdict.

J. Soto

(April 2012) Arvand is the best best and most confident professional attorney I’ve ever met in my 41years of existence. I was arrested in a domestic violence case and he supported me throughout with confident word to calm my fear and nervousness after my arrest. Living up to his word and my case was finally dismissed in trial. I have recommended him to all my friends and associates that me need a real true lawyer now or in future. Thanks Arvand.

(April 30, 2012) There are no words to convey how appreciative I am of Mr. Garrets hard work and expertise. I am free and able to live my life because of his patience, hard work and dignified status. Mr. Garret communicated with me and my family daily, weekends, evenings, early mornings…he was always there when I had questions. He guided me to understand everything that was going on and what was happening in the legal system. Mr. Garret made me feel secure and out of harms way knowing that I had an attorney that fought for me through and through. Today, I could go on doing my daily stuff with much less anxiety and stress.


(April 2012) Garret was someone I can trust in. He was very honest to let me know what was going on. Although sometimes is hard to hear the truth when it comes down to what’s going on, Garret kept it 100%to real. It’s not like other lawyers that tells you what you want to hear just to take your case. Garret was reliable and always willing to talk to me. He took my husband’s case and did the best he could. Hope I dont need him in the future but in case I did I would hire Garret again.


(April 2012) I feel so lucky to have Garret as my criminal defense attorney (on a child abuse case). He is the best lawyer I have ever seen. He is very knowledgeable, responsible and trustworthy. He really cares about his clients and always looks for the best for his clients. I can foresee that Garret will be one of the greatest attorney in the short future. I strongly recommend Garret Weinrieb. It is your fortune to have Garret as your criminal defense attorney.


(April 2012)I was wrongfully charged with possession of marijuana. The police conducted an unlawful stop of my vehicle, and found marijuana. I am a medical marijuana patient with serious illness. Garret battled with the prosecutor in San Fernando for months, and ultimately my case was dismissed after Garret showed that the police officer’s search was illegal and I was entitled to have marijuana because of my physical condition. Garret is an amazing criminal defense lawyer and I recommend him to anyone fighting a criminal case.

Lulu D.

(April 2012) Garret Weinrieb is a very honest and fair DUI lawyer. He made himself available anytime of the day as well as in the evenings. He made a difficult time bearable especially on a case that was really hard to understand. He spent a lot of hours going over my case and then took it home to review all of the paperwork, and gave me a progressive update on everything. Mr. Weinrieb is an honest and hardworking attorney.

L. Susi

(April 2012) My name is J.V. and I am giving my testimony in favor of the Gentleman lawyer Arvand Naderi since he helped me with my case. I had an arrest warrant and a restraining order by a crime that I had committed. The crime I had committed was domestic violence. I was worried that would get arrested anytime and for that reason I looked for help of a lawyer and that’s how I met Arvand Naderi. He worked on my case and less than what I had thought, he cleared up all charges against me. For that reason I give faith and testimony that my lawyer is trustworthy, honest, and sincere with what he says.


Thank you for being a phenomenal lawyer and keeping me out of jail.
“You are a man of your words”! You saved me from going to jail for Twenty-five Years To Life!!
The connections you have with the courts had my case dismissed and “No” jail time. My family and I thank you for all the hard work. You allowed me to get my life
back on track.

Thank You,

Arvand Naderi is definitely a one of a kind attorney. I’ve dealt with a couple attorneys personally and Arvand definitely stands out. He is very personable, hard working, aggressive, and very passionate about his profession.

As a law enforcement officer I found myself on the other side of the law. We are all human and make mistakes. Arvand was ready and willing to do anything to help me fight my case from day one. He answered the million questions I had and was always available morning, noon, and night to answer my questions. That made a world of difference! To feel like you have someone on your side that actually cares about the outcome of your case is a great feeling going through this process. Arvand was a life saver and is a very well respected and known attorney. He has a great reputation in the courts and is very well liked. His hard work and dedication to his clients’ cases shows in the outcome! I can’t say enough about how he is not your typical attorney. I’ve never dealt with one that is available for his clients all the time.

If you want a hardworking, ethical and aggressive attorney. Arvand is the best at what he does.

– anonymous

(March 19, 2012) A couple of months ago, our 23-year-old son was arrested while in possession of a substantial quantity of heroin and a loaded gun. A friend of a friend, both attorneys, referred us to Garret Weinrieb for our son’s defense. From the initial phone call, we were impressed with Garret’s professionalism and knowledge.

Garret’s strengths are not limited to his proficiency with the law, but extend to his interpersonal relationships. He was able to establish a rapport with our son and encouraged him to take a serious look at his life, which has included a stay in residential rehab. While our son was in rehab, Garret stayed in touch with him to guide him through the process of court appearances, etc. Garret has been a source of information for us as concerned parents as well, always available to respond to our many questions by phone or email. He’s extraordinarily responsive and is genuinely concerned for his client’s welfare.

Given the serious nature of the charges against our son, it appeared likely that he would be incarcerated, perhaps in state prison. Garret worked with us to provide all the documentation to the court that could possibly be helpful to the case. He also was our son’s advocate in a court with a very vocal and aggressive DA, who was not interested in rehab for our son, but only in the most extreme punitive measures she could persuade the judge to impose. Instead, our son is now serving a brief time in county jail, in a drug diversion program that will hopefully affect lifelong positive changes for him.

We are very grateful to Garret Weinrieb for his skill as an attorney as well as for his sensitivity and integrity as a human being.

Garret Weinrieb was introduced to me by my friend and he had helped him on his case. My friend told me that his lawyer was really good at fighting hard criminal cases. Not only was Garret a great attorney he’s also a pretty cool guy . I had a tough assault case and went to numerous lawyers to find most reasonable price. Not only was Garret’s retainer reasonable but he was able to negotiate no jail time and just community service. I am very great full to have had his knowledge and skills in helping me with my case.

Respectfully yours
John Chang

Arvand Naderi is the best attorney ever. He stayed true to his word and kept me out of jail. He was always there to take my phone calls day or night. If I didn’t fire my last attorney and hire Arvand than I would be sitting in jail right now! When Arvand first entered the court room I could tell he was great. He gets along with everybody in there and even had the judge laughing several times. Thank you so much Arvand. I will never forget what you have done for me.

Blake N.

(March 2, 2012) Garret Weinrieb fought for the best possible outcome regarding my first DUI offense. My charges were reduced, my court fees were lowered, and community service was not required of me. Last, my attorney, Mr. Garret Weinrieb kept me apprised about my case, returned my calls in a timely fashion, and even courtesy called me sometime after my final court date to find out if I enrolled in my DUI classes (of which I did, thanks Garret!).

If you need a Lawyer you should set up a meeting with Arvand. Not only will he work hard on your case, he will tell you what he really thinks, and will not make broken promises.
It was very assuring to go to court with him and see how connected he was not only with other defense lawyers but with the prosecutors and the judges too. Go see him, it will be worth your money.

Rebbeca P.

(February 29, 2012) I was arrested for suspicion of DUI and blew a field breath test of 0.11 BAC and a station breath test of 0.11 also. I am a first time offender with no prior record of any kind. Garret attended the DMV and court arraignment, hearing on my behalf and obtained the police report and breathalyzers calibrations. Garret reviewed all avenues of defense such as probable cause to stop, Reasonable cause to believe intoxication, lawful arrest, Etc..

Garret was able to plea bargain and reduce the DUI conviction to a wet Reckless with lower consequences and penalties. I Highly recommend Garret Weinrieb as your DUI and DWI lawyer.


The first time I spoke with Arvand I new he was the right Criminal Lawyer for me. He is by far the best attorney I have ever had in my corner. Thank you very much for getting my case dropped! I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Jewel R.

At 46 years old, I was given a misdemeanor ticket. After numerous “supposed” court dates (on one alleged court date, my mother passed away and I was not able to say my goodbyes), I was finally fed up.
I turned to Internal Affairs to report the ineptitude and complete outright mistreatment I had been receiving right down to the actual needless traffic stop, retaining me by the side of the road for over an hour, the 0.00 breathalyzer, the “”passed” field sobriety test and the final outrage? the ILLEGAL SEARCH. I felt that as an American Citizen we had the right to report abuse from someone misusing their power to torment an innocent person. A person who had absolutely no criminal history whatsoever. The only thing I have ever had in my life was a couple speeding tickets and parking tickets.

So I felt that approaching Internal Affairs was the right action that would correct this huge miscarriage of justice and hopefully keep that officer from ever mistreating another innocent person. I was wrong. Very wrong. Instead of an investigation, this is what happened… I was suddenly sent to court another two times (both times I was, as I had been before) NOT on the court dockets. Which means I had no right to speak to a judge or defend myself. As the last date (one year exactly) of when they police could pursue any actions against a person on a misdemeanor came, I receive a notice that my misdemeanor charge (the ticket that never seemed to have existed anywhere) was suddenly (as per the Internal Affairs) turned into three “FELONY” counts. Needless to say I was shocked! How does a charge that was never filed suddenly become NOT one but THREE felony counts???? In fear and confusion, I interviewed multiple attorneys to defend me.

Luckily, I was referred to GARRET WEINRIEB. After one interview with him, it was clear to me that he understood exactly what approach to take to my case. I hired him on the spot.
I cannot say enough great things about this man. He saved my reputation and he fought his butt off despite unreasonable DA’s, multiple reschedules on my case and all I can say is this man fought hard to have these ridiculous charges dropped and he also fought to keep my record clean.

He wasn’t an attorney that just took your money and never returned calls. This man kept in touch through every twist and turn of my case. He emailed me. He returned every call and I was impressed by his tenacity, knowledge and determination to make sure I received the justice I deserved. To this day, I still am confused how our legal system works. I’m grateful that I hired and attorney that knew the system and had the work ethic to make sure that the innocent are, and would be protected.

I would refer GARRET WEINRIEB to any person dealing with the legal system. If you want someone that will fight for you 100%. No tapping out and no backing down.

-Jane P.

I was in some serious trouble. I got arrested for DUI. I thought for sure I would at least lose my license. I hired Arvand Naderi for my case and he got is dismissed. I don’t how he did it But, I just wanted to thank him for it. If you need a Criminal Attorney, Call Arvand, he is the best attorney I have ever had!!!!

Dale L.

Simply said, Garret was my saving grace. After being arrested for a DUI, I was nervous about how this would effect my life including school. Being my first offense, I had no idea what the process was, then I found Garret! He was more than helpful in all aspects of my case. He answered all the questions I had regarding the outcome. He is very personable and was more than willing to make sure the best outcome came out of the situation. Both of my cases at the DMV and the court were dismissed and I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge, time, and effort he put into my case. If i am ever faced in a hardship again, I will not hesitate to call Garret to represent me. Thank you again!


My 21 year-old daughter recently made a stupid decision that could have ruined her future. While at a bar near our house she offered to drive a very drunk couple home. She was pulled over and arrested on a DUI. Thanks to Garret Weinrieb, she still has a future. He got all charges against her dismissed. Garret, you are an awesome attorney. Thank you so much.

Megan Rice

Mr. Garret Weinrieb, is a great Private Criminal Defense Lawyer, he is very knowledgeable in his field and knows the judicial system very well.
Our daughter was facing very serious charges and looking at 4 years in prison. Thanks to Garret performance and hard work on her case, my daughter will do 180 days in a drug/alcohol rehab center, and 3 years Probation. I am pleased that Garret represented my daughter. Now instead of going to prison, she is getting the help she needs.

I would recommend Mr. Garret Weinrieb to anyone in need of and excellent, caring, hard working and very knowledge Criminal Defense Attorney.

Thanks Garret from our family. God bless you


Garret [who represented me in a DUI case] was extremely diligent in his work and made the process as hassle free as possible. I would recommend him to anyone that may be in search of an honest, hard working attorney.


Garret Weinrieb was very professional through the entire process and was more than willing to answer any and all questions that I had. He walked me through everything and made this difficult time as easy as possible for me. He definitely got me a better outcome than I expected and I’m extremely grateful that I retained his services. I’m very satisfied and appreciate his hard work and dedication. After seeing first hand the knowledge and determination he displayed, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks for everything, Garret.

Simply said, Garret Weinrieb is one of the most experienced attorneys I’ve ever met. Due to such, I decided to use his expertise for a case and have referred him to friends. One thing that stands out about Mr. Weinrieb is his tenacity. Once he locks on to something, he doesn’t let go. He spent extra time reviewing my civil case and I really appreciate the extra effort. Additionally, Mr. Weinrieb has helped a couple friends with criminal cases, which have all turned out in their favor. One was a DUI case and another was a domestic violence case.

Above and beyond everything, I appreciate the fact that Mr. Weinrieb promptly returns calls and keeps clients informed each step of the way. The last thing anyone wants is to be in the dark about a legal matter. All in all, I would feel comfortable referring Garret Weinrieb to any of my friends and family members.


Garret is a devoted lawyer who will fight for justice at all costs, especially in my case that was just recently FULLY dismissed. I found Garret approachable and felt comfortable, never intimidated, when we discussed my case. Garret was able to work with the district attorney and lower my charges to a minor infraction. Upon taking my case to court, through hardwork and persistence Garret paved the way for the court to dismiss my case. I am extremely impressed and more than satisfied with the attention and time that this wonderful attorney has given me. I recommend him wholeheartedly and believed that he will give his best efforts and nothing less. Thank you Garret for giving me the opportunity to free myself from the situation that I was placed in, and enabling me the freedom to live my life again and focus on nursing school. Your work is greatly noted and appreciated.

Garret was my lawyer in a DUI case. Garret seems to thrive in extremely difficult situations and is aggressive with the ability to improvise and make sense of things to everyone in the room to say that I was impressed is an understatement.

– J. Fleener


After I was arrested and jailed I was scared and worried about how a conviction would affect my family’s well being and my future job prospects.

I spoke to a handful of people who told me that my crime was a “slam dunk” conviction. They said that I should plead guilty and accept my punishment. I was even told that to hire a lawyer and fight the legal system was a waste of money because I could not win.

After consulting with you I realized that I didn’t have to “just accept” what the legal system was telling me… I had options. You took the time to listen to me, research my case and patiently answered all of my questions along the way.  And, most importantly, with you as my lawyer I was not convicted.

You did what others told me couldn’t be done.  I am forever grateful for your legal knowledge, proffessional strength and sincere interest in my well being. I will strongly recommend you to my family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you,
Germain D.

Garret [represented me in a DUI case and] is excellent to work with! He really puts in the time and effort into your case to make sure every aspect has been taken care of. He works in a way that is suitable for the individual and the case. I would honestly recommend working with Garret!

Garret made the entire [DUI] process smooth, easy, and less scary. He was always there to answer any questions and address all of my concerns by keeping things light and professional. He is a great lawyer and was by my side through each step. It’s been over a year now and Garret is still the person I go to for any legal questions/counsel.

I have two sons, ages 21 and 24, and the Weinrieb Law Firm [or Naderi & Weinrieb] represented both in their separate cases. One case was a battery charge, and the other was a narcotics charge. Garret Weinrieb successfully lead the battery charge to dismissal, and the narcotics charge was lowered to a attending drug classes. Clients of the Weinrieb Law Firm [ or Naderi & Weinrieb] can expect outstanding client service, quality legal services, and impressive results.


To all future recipients of Garret Weinrieb.. His swift action and prompt regard for the nature of my case resulted in a expulsion of my sex crime. This 1 embarrassing moment when I broke the law could of been with me and affected me and my family my whole life. I am forever grateful I found Mr Weinrieb. He was professional and friendly from the start. Always kept me a breast of all changes and court dates. A lot of Attorneys like to just make there money string u along and get to you when they can.

My experience with Mr Weinrieb was a success in regards to my expulsion of my 288.1 crime. And was a confident professional experience to work with him.

To anyone reading this as a client I fully recommend this gentlemen to all future clients… I wish u and him well as he will try to make a unpleasant experience such as court and crimes as least painful as possible.

With regards::
A former felon…

I have recently engaged the services of Mr. Weinrieb. The level of effectiveness and professionalism was head and shoulders above other attorneys that I have used in the past. Not only was he knowledgeable about the issues surrounding my case, but he also advised me about other potential issues that might arise in the future. Not only would I utilize these services again, I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Weinrieb to my acquaintances and colleagues. Thank you for all your hard work!

D.S. Dupra

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KMA Ent.

I would recommend Garret to anyone who is in need of a good criminal attorney. I found Garret to be intelligent, detailed and passionate about his job as an attorney. I was charged with two trumped up felony charges and a misdemeanor.

Garret met with me several times to get my story and work on a plan to prove my innocence. He consistently gathered evidence and secured witnesses to prove my innocence.

The thing I like most about having Garret as my Attorney is that “I feel that he understands me and my situation,he can relate to me as a person not just a client.” Garret is a progressive and modern young man. He socializes with family and friends often. He understands that he or one of his friends could easily be in my position and in need of a great attorney. He listens, prepares and defends his clients as if the charges were against him personally. Throughout the whole trial I felt he gave %100 to my case and presentation.

During the trial process Garret and his team presented evidence and witnesses that tore apart prosecutions scenario. Garret questioned and expertly cross examined the prosecutions witnesses and showed their testimony to full of holes and not be credible.

I was acquitted of Assault with a deadly weapon, and Assault on a Police officer. I was found guilty on a misdemeanor of resisting arrest.

I am totally satisfied with the Verdict. I as facing two felony’s that if convicted would require a major prison time sentence.

Because of Garret and his teams commitment, attention to detail and great trial strategy, I am free.

I am very thankful and would recommend Garret to anyone who wants a Attorney who fights for them.

I owe them my life and freedom.


Tim Richardson

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to Garret Weinrieb. I was going through a very turbulent time in my life and had a lapse in judgment, ultimately I found myself facing charges of 5 felony counts. I felt hopeless, alone and scared. I couldn’t understand how one mistake could almost cost me my future. I had lost the respect of my peers and friends. I was in total dire straits.

Thankfully a friend referred me to Garret. His meticulous knowledge of the law and extreme patience is what I was first taken with. In addition every question that I had always got a answer, every phone call, email or text always got a timely response. No matter where Garret was or what he was doing I always felt like a priority, he was in this with me and wouldn’t let me fail.

His diligent work with the D.A got my charges reduced to one count felony/misdemeanor no time served and community service. This outcome was better than I could have hoped. I can now close that chapter of my life and move forward with a clean slate.

Garret, my family and I are deeply grateful for all that you have done.


Elon Rubin

Working with Garret was a great experience. He is very personable, reliable, and gets things done. Will always take the time to explain everything to you step by step.


Garret Weinrieb was very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable throughout the entire legal process. He was on time for meetings, answered my phone calls, and made me feel at ease because of his relentless work ethic. He did extensive research for my case which led to it being dismissed. Hopefully I’m never in that situation again but if so, I would not hesitate to call Garret Weinrieb to represent me again.
Thanks for everything,

If theres anyone thats going to get you out of trouble it’s Arvand. He’s not only a great lawyer, but also an awesome guy. He’s understanding and definitely keeps his word. He kept his word with me and kept me out of jail and if it wasn’t for Arvand I would not have had a second chance at getting my life straight. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done!
-Eric H.

I can surely recommend anyone for a great result. Me and my family are grateful to be his client.

Dear Arvand,
Well thank you for putting up with all this drama. And thank you for being there for us. Because I know you really care about ———- and want to help him and my mom get through this…and its sad seeing ———– in jail. It made me and my mom and my brothers sad and cry. Well, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for keeping my brother out of prison.

I want you to know how thankful I am for everything you’ve done for my son (YOU’RE A GODSEND!!!) You’re definitely a rare find, you actually cared about what happened to my son and because of your great personality and your expertise and your good relations with the courts, you saved my son from going to prison. I can’t thank you enough; I will always highly recommend you to anybody including friends and family. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!!!! and most of all thank you for always taking the time out from your busy schedule to always talk to me. You didn’t only help my son, but you helped me get through this very hard time.

I was fortunate enough to retain Arvand Naderi for a misdemeanor case concerning my son. Mr. Naderi was highly recommended by both prosecuting and defense attorneys. I was not disappointed! Arvand Naderi is a great defense attorney, personable, professional, and knows the law and the criminal justice system perfectly! He resolved the case with my son beyond our expectations, and I have no hesitations in highly recommending his office and services.

I want to thank you Mr. Naderi for being an outstanding attorney. I could not be happier with your services. You were recommended to me by one of my very close friends who is also a Police Sergeant. To chose you as my attorney was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. After you spoke to the prosecutor, charges were dropped. You have the expertise and connections to handle any criminal case. I would strongly recommend you as a criminal defense attorney to anyone including friends and family. Thank you very much once again for saving my career and my life with it. Happiest client ever!

For all the people that are in need in of a criminal attorney, I recommend Arvand Naderi because he is good, respectful, and a nice attorney. He is a hard working attorney. To anyone who needs a criminal attorney, he is the one.

He was really great. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Arvand made me feel comfortable. He assured me that he would do his best like he does for all his clients. The outcome was fair and it wouldn’t have happened without his knowledge and experience. I highly recommend Arvand to anyone that is in need of a good and fair criminal attorney.

Arvand Naderi is a strong, confident lawyer who worked hard on my case and went all out in fighting for me in court. I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Naderi’s work and will definitely refer my family and loved ones to him in a time of crisis.

My experience with the Naderi Law Office, was Impeccable!.
I have never been so satisfied, with Legal Representation. Arvand Naderi is extremely knowledgeable of the Judicial system. He gave Me the Confidence, and Courage, that was necessary, in order to leave the courtroom, “Victorious”. Not only Do I Respect Arvand Naderi as an Attorney, I Trust Him, as My Advisor, and Legal Counsel! I appreciate the Patience, and Professionalism, that I Experienced, by hiring the Naderi Law Office.
Respectfully Submitted,

Arvand was the shit. [Arvand] is everything that you would want out of an attorney and [he] is a great guy. I would highly recommend him.

Attorney Arvand Naderi was an absolute blessing in some of the darkest hours of my life. I am thankful to have had a professional, confident, knowledgeable, caring man in my corner. I had an inner peace knowing that I had a great attorney that was fighting for my freedom.

He [Arvand Naderi] was extremely helpful, friendly, and very personable. He made it really easy for me to deal with my problem. This was the only time that I had any trouble with the law and he made it a pleasant experience.

The law office of Arvand Naderi is like no other. In my situation he [Arvand Naderi] has his own investigation team for deployment, to my satisfaction, of my best interest. Arvand Naderi negotiated my charges way below the industry standards. I highly recommend Arvand Naderi to anyone’s situation, no matter how small the case may appear.
Thank you Arvand.
P.S. Arvand Naderi kept me from going to jail!

He [Arvand Naderi] gave me a very good and fair price. He provided me with all the information that I needed and I would recommend him to everyone.

I was charged with a felony and when Arvand Naderi represented me, he brought my charge down to an infraction. He is a life saver. The process was really easy. He [Arvand Naderi] is a very smart and witty guy. He is a go-getter; he will fight for you until the end.

I would like to thank you for handling my criminal case and reducing it from felony to misdemeanor. Without your good effort my life could have been in big mess. You are one of the knowledgeable lawyers who really cares about his clients. For that, I am very grateful, and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a very good criminal lawyer.

To the Naderi Law Office,
We did it, walked out of the courthouse feeling good. Yes, I want to let you know that you really did a good job and this is coming from the heart. Arvand, you did your shit man….all the way live. It was a don dada deal, I really love the way you did everything. It was so cool. Peace out, you did a very good job.

My experience with the Naderi Law Office was extremely professional. My case was handled efficiently and with optimal results: dismissed. I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Arvand Naderi regarding legal representation and will highly recommend his services in the future.

I was very satisfied with the result of the case. He made everything go very smooth for me. I appreciate all the work he put for the case and all the appearances that he did for my case and having such a favorable result. I highly recommend Arvand for any criminal case.

Arvand is real clear with work ethics. He helps out the homies from the neighborhood. He is supportive and gave me outcomes of the case. He was really informative with my case. Beyond that he is an excellent and professional attorney that takes good care of his clients and puts them in a comfortable situation.

If I had to go through this again I would call Arvand again. I would recommend him if anyone would have to go to court for a criminal case. And I would recommend him to other clients. He was on top of everything. He kept in contact for my court dates. After everything was over he was able to make my record clear and left me with a dismissal. Thank you Arvand for everything.

I found Mr. Naderi to be an outstanding attorney. I was very pleased with his services. After Mr. Naderi was able to speak to the prosecutor, all charges were dropped. Mr. Naderi has the expertise and the connections to handle any criminal case. I strongly recommend Mr. Naderi as a criminal defense attorney. Since my dealings with him I have recommended him to all of my friends and family and have given out his business card just in case they need an outstanding criminal defense attorney.