Probation Violations in Van Nuys, California

Van Nuys Probation Violation Attorney

When an individual has been convicted of a criminal offense, they are often put on probation as part of their sentence.  This can occur in misdemeanor offenses, such as a misdemeanor DUI, or on other more serious felony charges.  Each probation penalty has requirements that must be followed in order to maintain the status of being “on probation”.  In some cases, the person is required to attend certain treatment programs and to report their completion as part of probation.   The individual may have other requirements, and may have to report to a probation officer at specific times, or have occasional drug testing.  When it is determined that the individual has failed to adhere to the requirements of their probation, either by failing to pass a drug test, or by failing to complete a mandated treatment program, or not appeared at the designated time to their probation officer, a probation violation offense can be charged.  This is a very serious matter, as the individual can then be picked up by law enforcement at any time and put directly into jail to await a probation violation hearing.  In this situation, it is critical that you get immediate legal representation from a skilled probation violation defense lawyer.

Probation Violation Lawyer in Van Nuys, CA

In some cases the violation is merely an administrative error in which the individual was unable to attend the meeting with the probation officer due to illness or some other factor, and was unable to reach the probation officer.  In other cases, the individual was charged with a minor offense and was immediately put in jail for violating probation.  If you are aware that you have violated probation and that you have a warrant for a probation violation, it is crucial that you contact the Law Offices of Naderi & Weinrieb to take action to assist you in fighting to avoid being put in jail.  If the matter can be easily solved, the legal team will immediately take action to handle the matter for the client.  As each case is unique in circumstances, your particular situation must be reviewed to determine how to defend the charge.

It is imperative that action is taken quickly, for if you are convicted of the probation violation, it is likely that the sentence that you would have originally gotten will now become your penalty.  For example, if you were on probation for 6 months, and are found to have violated the requirements of your probation, you may now have to spend the 6 months in jail.  In some cases, the penalty is increased if you are convicted of violating your probation.  Don’t take chances with your future and retain an experienced probation violation attorney today.

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