Gang Offense in Van Nuys, California

Van Nuys Gang Crime Defense Lawyer

When a criminal offense is determined to be gang-related, California lawmakers have increased the severity of the penalties when an individual is convicted of the offense.  This includes all types of violent crime.  This is a frightening situation for any person who is facing dealing with a criminal charge.  Not only will they have to deal with a serious charge in court, any “gang affiliations” will be used against the individual to increase the penalty in a conviction.  The gang association could be a connection that the individual had from school, or even people that are only slightly known by the individual.   However, once the prosecutor has decided that the charges are related to gang activity, you are in serious trouble.  It is critical when facing criminal charges in such a case that you get legal representation from an experienced gang offense lawyer.

Gang Enhancements Defense Attorney in Van Nuys, CA

Being accused of committing a felony criminal offense is a serious matter.  When it is determined that the offense was gang related, this is a grim situation for the accused.  Not only will you be required to defend your case, the “gang” stigma must be challenged.  At the Law Offices of Naderi & Weinrieb, the legal team is very familiar with dealing with this matter.  In fact, one of the legal team, attorney Robert Schwartz, lectures at seminars to criminal defense lawyers on this subject, and has over 30 years of experience in defending serious criminal cases.  Each case that is charged as a “gang crime” gets the thorough attention of the legal team, who will review the situation and advise the client what actions can be taken to challenge the gang affiliation designation, and to fight aggressively defend the client of the charge.

When juries believe that you are involved in a gang, it creates an atmosphere that is more difficult.  There is often a presumption by the jury that the individual is guilty, and overcoming this barrier is an extremely important matter.  The legal team at Naderi & Weinrieb is skilled in all aspects of such cases, and has a strong ability to present your case and fight to eliminate the added barrier of being considered a gang member.  You can be assured that the case will be priority and that actions will be taken quickly to fight the stigma of gang affiliation.  In many cases it has been found that the rights of the client were violated, either in the arrest or in search and seizure.  Law enforcement personnel have been known to have been overzealous and failed to follow standard procedures when they believe that they are dealing with a gang member.  This situation must be addressed, and any evidence illegally obtained must be challenged in court.

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