Defending Against False Allegations Charges

Van Nuys False Allegations Defense Attorney

When one has been accused of a crime and the allegations are false, this creates a frightening and dangerous situation.  Even though the individual is innocent, they can still face charges and may have to defend themselves in court.  This happens in cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse or other incident in which a person falsely claims that another person injured them, stole something, was stalking them or is responsible for a violent attack or some type.  Facing false allegations is frightening and rightly so – you could still be convicted of a serious crime that you did not commit.  In cases of being accused of a crime that you did not commit, it is crucial that you contact a false allegations defense lawyer.

False Allegations Attorney in Van Nuys, California

There may be the necessity to conduct an independent investigation in order to successfully defend cases in which false allegations have led to an arrest.  When the charges are felony charges such as murder, manslaughter, felony child abuse, felony domestic abuse or other serious crime, this is an extremely urgent matter.  The legal team at the firm will make the case a priority and with a thorough review of the case and how you came to be charged with the crime, will create a strategy to fight to get the charges dismissed.  Although such cases can seem to be hopeless and frightening, there are often strong options to end the situation quickly.

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