About Bench Warrants in the Van Nuys, CA Criminal Court

Van Nuys Bench Warrant Criminal Defense Attorneys

A bench warrant is issued on any person who fails to appear in court on their scheduled court date.  There are many reasons why a person may fail to appear other than a criminal reason, such as a new address, or they did not receive the summons for another reason.  However, a bench warrant is a very serious matter as you can be picked up anywhere and immediately taken to jail to await a hearing.  It is critical that you immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer if you become aware that you have a bench warrant out, or if you have already been picked up.

Bench Warrant Defense Attorney in Van Nuys, CA

In some cases, bench warrants are easily handled.  When they are issued regarding failure to appear for jury duty or failure to arrive to court when subpoenaed, this may be possible to resolve with fast action.  The court varies depending upon the judge involved.  Some judges issue bench warrants or arrest warrants frequently and in volume and take great offense in “contempt of court” matters.  It is vital that you handle any bench warrant as fast as possible, or you may find yourself in handcuffs being led away from work, home or at a traffic stop.  This is a humiliating and embarrassing situation, and must be avoided at all costs; not to mention the penalty you may face.

If the court feels that you are attempting to avoid your appearance, you may not be released from jail and the judge may keep you incarcerated until your next hearing.  Each case is unique and therefore must be reviewed to determine how to help to resolve the situation.  At the Law Offices of Naderi & Weinrieb, the legal team will review and evaluate your case and advise you what can be done to resolve the danger, and will take defense actions to increase the possibility of a good outcome for your situation.

If you or a loved one has a bench warrant in Van Nuys, contact a criminal defense attorney from Naderi & Weinrieb today at (818) 888-2711.